Do you offer a free trial?
Of course, in the course page there's a list of "Free Preview" courses that contains partial available contents. Obviously, no money nor credit-card asked.

Do I need to sign up?
Not necessarily, it is required only for enrolling a course. You're free to go and have a look around without being charged or forced to sign up.

Do you offer a subscription?
At the moment we offer monthly / yearly subscription only upon request, get one here.

Can I stop the subscription?
Yes, you can stop whenever you want. Also, you can resume from where you've left off.

Can I have a refund?
Sure, if you’re not happy, we offer 30 days money back guarantee!

Is there a certificate of completion/public profile?
Once completed all the modules in a track (Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), you'll receive a Certificate of Completion.
At the moment, the integration with external platforms for the certificate/badge is in progress.

I cannot click on WIP modules, why?
Those courses are there as a placeholder, they're not active yet. It is to show that the course 10x Software Engineer is continuously evolving and updating.

Am I a 10x Engineer?
I intended the term 10x in a (little) “provocative” way, I intended it more like an “advanced full-stack”, with knowledge on different areas which can simplify and speed up some (not all of them) circumstances in the development life cycle.
If we intend it just like 10 times better/cooler/faster/more precise/___ I think it is a little presumptuous as a definition.
Also, one does not define him/herself as a 10x, should be recognised as one by the peers. If a developer is a great one are the others to say so, otherwise he/she is a little too much self-centred.

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